About Us "Ohana"

Kamokila Hawaiian Village is a HISTORICAL SITE of an authentic Hawaiian village.   It is snuggled by the World Renown FERN GROTTO, SECRET FALLS and the OPAEKA‘A WATERFALL, on the Wailua River. We have found artifacts that include medicine rocks, birthing stones, bell stones, foundations of houses and petroglyphs.   It was first restored in 1979.   This spot was ideal for a fishing village.   Men would use their canoes to fish in the river and ocean.   The mountains, and valleys around, supplied ESSENTIALS to be the perfect village.

The land, on which Kamokila Village is built, has been leased by the Fernandes Ohana (Native Hawaiian Family) through four generations. It has been through 2 hurricanes (Iwa 1982) and (Iniki 1992) and rebuilt 3 times.   The Hawaiian village is privately owned, and is funded by our visitors who come and experience our Hawaiian culture through the village tours and canoeing adventures.

In our on going efforts to REVITALIZE and promote the NATIVE HAWAIIAN CULTURE, Kamokila is continuously evolving and growing to accommodate the needs of the Native Hawaiian People as well as our visitor's and friends from across the sea.  

Take a walk through old Hawaii seen with today's eyes.   The Culture Continues...


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