Outrigger Canoe Rides

The Ancient Hawaiians traveled on double hull canoes through winds and storms.  They discovered Hawai‘i. 

Just as fun as kayaking with more Stability!!  The Ancient Polynesians successfully used double and single hulled canoes to travel across the Pacific Ocean through fair and foul weather and settle many islands.  The Ancient Sport of Outrigger Canoeing is popular today and has a large following here in the islands.  Here at Kamokila Hawaiian Village we invite you to come and take part in a sport older than surfing.

In the background is the Wailua River offering a calm and serene setting for this activity.  The Village is a short distance away from hiking trails that lead to Waterfalls as well as Grotto’s and Swimming Holes.  We provide 2 Outrigger Canoes that come with a steersman.

This Activity can be enjoyed by Everyone!!  Children through Seniors, fun for the whole family and friends.

Hourly Departures - Daily

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