Cultural Village Tours
Village Entrance Fee

$5 Adults * $3 Children (3-12 years old)  
SUMMER HOURS (June 1 - Aug 31) Open 8am - 6pm daily
Normal Hours Open 9am - 5pm daily


Come and Enjoy a Traditional Hawaiian Village that has been recreated on an "AUTHENTIC" site.

The 4 acre property is RICH in HISTORY, CULTURE & NATURAL HABITATS from centuries ago. The last reigning King of Kauai, King KAUMUALI'I was a one-time resident and it was reported to be his Favorite dwelling.

The area is also ALIVE with some of the Wailua River Valley's "Natural Wildlife" such as the Jungle Fowl, Wild Boars, and the Decorative Peacocks.

The grounds are PRISTINELY kept and offer a variety of FLORA and Fruiting Tree's (when in season) for the visitors to experience and enjoy.

Several Huts have been reconstructed utilizing TRADITIONAL Methods and Technique's, each HUT represents the Various Stations and Functions in the Native-Hawaiian Culture and reflect their respective theme through displays on exhibit within the HUTS.   We also have a Courtyard in which we Feature Traditional Hawaiian Games such as Spear Throwing and Hawaiian Bowling.   Both of which were considered to be Essential for SKILL building.  

In addition to funding, maintaining and sharing our Hawaiian Culture, we take our Outrigger canoes on rides to other Wailua Attractions.   Our visitors get a chance to paddle and ride in canoes as Hawaiians once did many years ago.

Village Sites

Canoe House (Hale Waʻa)
Outbreak Movie Set
Birth House (Hale Pōhaku Hānau)
Underground Oven (Imu)
Ancient Hawaiian Temple (Heiau)
Chief’s Assembly House (Hale Aliʻi ʻĀkoakoa)
Menstrual House (Hale Peʻa)
Men’s Eating House (Hale Mua)
Sleeping House (Hale Moe)
Doctor’s House (Hale Lāʻau Lapaʻau)
Warriors House (Hale Koa)
Petroglyph (Kiʻi Pōhaku)
Hawaiian Dancing House (Halau Hula)
Drum House (Hale Pahu)
Prime Minister’s House (Hale Kālaimoku)
Oracle Tower (Lananuʻu Mamao)
Hawaiian Bowling (ʻUlu Maika)
Coconut Crafts House
Village Lagoon

Village Fruits, Flowers, Plants & Trees

Aloe Vera (ʻAloe)
African Tulip
Awa (ʻAwa)
Banana (Maiʻa)
Breadfruit (ʻUlu)
Candlenut (Kukui)
Coconut (Niu)
Guava (Kuawa)
Ginger (Awapuhi)
Hibiscus (Maʻo Hau Hele)
Indian Mulberry (Noni)
Mango (Manakō)
Mountain Apple (ʻOhiʻaʻai)
Pandanus (Hala)
Paper Mulberry (Wauke)
Plumeria (Melia)
Taro (Kalo)
Ti Leaf (Kī)
Turmeric (ʻŌlena)

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